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Centralize your logistics and shipment information
An end-to-end delivery solution that allows business to centralize and optimized their logistics information.
Control Tower​
Delivery Dashboard​
Shipment & Services tracking​​
Control Tower
Centralized and optimized generation of delivery and shipping documentation.
The Benefits
  Centralize decisions about the packaging of orders for your different plants.​

  Optimize shipment planning with experienced resource decisions.​

  Friendly interface for searching and viewing open Orders.

  ​Easily consolidate orders by viewing their delivery addresses on a map.

  Creation of Deliveries and Transportation more efficient.

Delivery Dashboard
360º shipping, transportation and delivery visibility.
The Benefits
  Free your floor operators from interruptions with pending transportation.

  Optimize your floor operators time.​

  ​Inform your logistics managers about the shipping status: from picking to final customer delivery​.

  Improve customer experience.

Shipment Tracking
Full delivery traceability. From picking and loading to merchandise delivery.
The Benefits
  Shipment status: Open, On its way, Check in, Check out, Delivered.

  ​​Track carrier route.​

  ​Monitor carrier stops

  ​​Evidence of the merchandise state when it leaves the warehouse and when it arrives at the customer.