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All-In-One B2B eCommerce fully integrated to SAP
The only platform you can try integrated to your SAP in 10 days.

Reach your enterprise sales digital transformation with the most powerful B2B features quickly, painlessy and cost-effectively.

Evolve your existing process into an optimized and self-sustained sales cycle.

One-Stop-Shop and experience that sets us apart

Easily and quickly adapted to your specific business needs. Explore our full list of out-of-the-box functionalities.
Place orders in real-time
  Allow your B2B buyers to select the same item with multiple units of measure, pick in-store or ship to a specific address.

 Maintain your business rules like minimum order weight or value, batch determination, route, shipping point, etc.

Get a great buying experience in a trustworthy platform

  Provide your customer with the best buying experience by maintaining your pricing and available-to-sell inventory in real-time sync, whether you use Customer-Material Info Records or Pricing Lists we got you covered.

Keep your customers informed all the way
  Order history list, order details, shipping details, and account statement.

  Effortlessly allow your B2B buyers to get information on their order status such as delivery date, order blocked, in-process, shipped, invoiced and more, while maintaining your ERP fulfillment operations.

Empower your sales team
  Key communication between B2B Buyers, Sales Reps, and Customer Service (Push notifications, ticketing system, live chat, and reports).

   Provide your team the best tools to interact with B2B Buyers.

  Technology bring us together in a collaborative virtual environment to communicate announcements, ask and respond questions.

Get started in a flash with a proven methodology
From Sales and Digital Marketing to Fulfillment and Logistics, Onibex team can guide you through the entire sales digital transformation journey with industry-leading expertise.